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Robert Saywell

I’m so grateful to Anneke and the team for giving me the opportunity to create, with their help, something beautiful to say goodbye to my husband in.

​The graphics chosen reflect the life he used to have and the life he loved so much. My heartfelt thanks to all involved.


Great communication and an absolutely stunning casket and urn.


- Sharon

The world's brighter when you've made something that wasn't there before

Image by Leone Venter

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Hayley Maree Webb

Having a daughter that was sick all her life, we knew one day we would have to look for a casket.

We saw Reflections Picture Caskets New Zealand at the Southland Home Show and thought the casket they had there were beautiful and different. We took their card and checked out their website, and they looked amazing.

Unbeknown to us, we would be looking seriously the following month for a casket for our daughter.

On the morning our daughter passed away, we looked up the website and found the beautiful casket called Butterfly Dream.

We rang and called in to see the team at Reflections on Bond Street in Invercargill, and they were awesome to deal with.

They were very caring and considerate to our needs and went above and beyond to help us with what we wanted, they fitted another butterfly to the end of the casket and fitted a small saying that they had on their website to the side of the casket. They also showed us what the inside would look like.

Reflections delivered the casket the next morning to the funeral director; with the quick service, we could have our daughter home with us the next day.

When we saw the casket finished, we were so happy with the way it turned out. I was proud to be saying goodbye to our beautiful daughter in a beautiful casket, and she was in something that was a reflection of her.

Reflections left a lovely note and coloured pens so family and friends could write lovely messages on the inside of the lid.


Thank you Reflections, you made our last day with our daughter a beautiful one.


- Aaron & Tania

Alan Undewood

Alan Underwood

We would highly recommend the service Reflections Picture Caskets provide. The design was exceptional, and the end result was excellent. We were also blown away with the fast turnaround time and the communication through every step

- Windsor Funerals, Auckland Funeral Service

Blair Vining

Blair Vining

When our beloved Blair passed away, we were somewhat frozen in grief. 


We had a casket designed and made with the team at Reflections. Our girls and I selected our favourite photos of Blair and all the people Blair loved, then the design team created a spectacular collage for the lid. This gave us a sense of peace that he was surrounded in love. The sides and ends had the things Blair loved most, his XR8, Midlands Rugby Club, his Sports Foundation and me. 

The team at Reflections went above and beyond to custom build & design the casket through the night, delivering us the most beautiful, fitting casket. Family and friends wrote on the inside of the lid special, final messages.

Something I thought would be creepy turned out to be the most comforting part of the process. Seeing Blair surrounded in love in the beautiful casket was peaceful and fitting.


I would highly recommend the team at Reflections Picture Caskets for their quality work, empathy, and professionalism. 

-Melissa Vining

Max Perks

Max Perks

I want to thank you so much for the wonderful scatter tubes. They were exactly what we wanted & looked terrific. Everyone had a bit of a chuckle as it was Max to a tee & I know he would have approved of them too.


The empty tubes are now going to be displayed on both our son's bars as a reminder of their Dad. Something I think Max would have approved of as well as he will be there in spirit when they are having a beer.


The service you provided was wonderful & also very prompt, which was great considering the pressure & short time frame we had. It was also very helpful that you delivered the tubes to the crematorium for us as well.


I can’t thank you enough.

- Barbara Wilson


Ken Walmsley

Dad was a humble man who had lived and farmed all his life in Outram. We wanted the casket to reflect his life and the people who were important to him and because the caskets are eco-friendly, they would go with Dads environmental philosophies.

Our son Kieran who is a cinematographer in Sydney had captured a fabulous photo of Dad when visiting Bill Richardson Transport World. As Dad had a long history with the Daimler and Vintage Car Clubs, we thought this photo would be great on the lid of the casket.


Kieran, on his last visit to see his Grandfather, had returned to the family farm and taken photos of the wool shed walls which held memories of A&P Shows, the grandchildren’s chalked names and drawings, bagging needles and wool stencils. Reflections used this as the background of the casket.


As a family we sorted through years of photos, Dads early years, his young motorbike days, meeting Mum, doing things with his girls, farm life and his passion for vintage cars.


This was very therapeutic as we shared stories and memories. Some photos revelled things that we had previously never known. Reflections designer team arranged these photos of Dads life on the rustic background surrounding him in the loves and interests he had during his life.


The casket was ready within 24hrs and when I saw the finished casket I was amazed. It was beautiful and reflected perfectly my father. I took the casket to the funeral home in Mosgiel and their reaction was like Wow!


On the day of Dad’s service, his casket was placed in the entrance foyer, where family and friends couldn’t help wanting to touch and simply be close to him. It caused quite the talking point.


By choosing a Reflections Picture Caskets, our farewell for Dad was unique and personal. By involving the family in the design process, it was very healing. Yes, it was sad, but by making something so unique, it made our funeral farewell a positive celebration of his life.


I would definitely recommend Reflections Picture Caskets to anyone wanting something personal and beautiful. They were awesome to deal with.


Over the next few days, the casket changed the way the funeral directors connected to Dad. They said, “when someone comes to us, we have no emotional connection to that person or their family, but being around this casket for two days has made us emotionally connected”

- Devon Fowler

Donald Stainburn

Donald Stainburn

We appreciated the thought and time put into creating our dad's casket.


From the start to finish, your service and consideration were amazing with Dad's wishes.​ His picture casket was awesome with Lancashire and Yorkshire roses, so true to him...


Our heartfelt thanks to you for the opportunity to create something beautiful to farewell him in.

We would recommend you to anyone wanting to have special memories, and our thanks to all involved for the quick communication and absolutely stunning casket.

- Andrea Moroney



Recommending the team at Reflections is an understatement. The process of getting Mum's casket made at a really tough time in your life was slick and super professional.  


The Reflections designer has a real flair and talent with his designs and the amount of comments we had at mum's service was unreal. His extremely short timeframe for completing the Elvis casket was really tight as it had to be shipped to Wellington and he pulled it off to the tee.  


He also created an ashes casket for Mum and, being the Elvis lover she was, this once again hit the mark 100%.  We will forever be grateful that we found and went with Reflections.


This team is 100% user-friendly, efficient & produces and an absolute gem of a product.  


You’ll never regret using this team.

- Jamie & Sam Minchin

Water Foam

Denis Perenara

In times of stress due to illness of a loved one, you wonder why or how you forgot to organise a coffin. I suppose it is because we have been indoctrinated to believe that this duty is the responsibility of the funeral director.


No more!! The design, making and delivery can in special circumstances happen within 48 hours and cost little more and in most cases less, than one that has been pre-made.


Reflections designed, made and delivered our brother's casket within 72 hours. It would have been delivered sooner had the Air NZ flight been able to fly.


They designed and made his casket during the day, and drove through the night to ensure his casket was on the first available flight out.


And all they had to create the design from was a picture of a photo frame.

OMG what an artistic masterpiece was the finished product!!!! I leave you with a pic to make up your own mind!!!


Ka nunui te mihi aroha kia koutou Reflections Picture Caskets mo to mahi ataahua.

- Perenara-Heremia Whanau


Joan Watson

When Joan Watson passed away her family wanted to have a special casket made to reflect the remarkable woman she had been.

Joan and her husband Rex were with Geoffrey Orbell when they rediscovered the Takahe in Fiordland in 1948. This resulted in 2 years of international media attention as the rediscovery of a bird long thought extinct was a monumental occasion.

Joan was also the first Miss Southland Crowned in 1949 and runner up to Miss New Zealand, an avid and very capable Skier, tramper, and a school Dental Nurse.

Her casket was designed using bird feathers in the colours of the Takahe with photos of Joan adorning the sides doing what she loved. A truly special resting place for a remarkable lady.



My husband was a sideboom operator  (lays the pipes) on many oil & gas projects both here and overseas and loved his occupation. Photos are of a project he was on in Queensland a few years back (QCLNG Project).


It looks awesome and he will be proud of it. Blowing everyone away.


I could not have been more pleased to find that some of his memories could be shown on his final waka.

These lovely people are awesome to deal with. The designed casket was much more than I imagined and was made so quickly. Totally recommend.

Thanks, once again, for the awesome creation from you guys.

- Linda Louise Kuiti

Linda Kuiti

Maureen Anderton

‘We had great responses from people who attended Mum's funeral, about her casket.


It set the tone of a great send-off that was made more personal by having her photo on the beautiful rose coffin.


Thank you so much for your kind and easy manner when dealing with us at a very stressful, sad time.


Your empathy and professionalism was much appreciated.’



- Chris

shutterstock_400500562 copy.jpg

Celebrate a life in colour.

Image by Leone Venter

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