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Our process

It's incredibly important to us that our caskets are of the highest possible quality whist remaining environmentally friendly and affordable compared to traditional caskets.

Below gives you transparency into our manufacturing process.


Caskets are made from a low formaldehyde medium density fiberboard. It's both strong and light weight whist remaining cost effective.


Caskets are cut using computer aided machining, giving unmatched precision every time. 

Sanding is done by hand to ensure a perfectly smooth finish.

Caskets are assembled in such a way that they can take several times their rated load, guaranteeing they will hold up under any circumstances.


Our artists work with you to create a design that fulfils you and your loved ones wishes.

Using our own custom software, we are able to share and rapidly get feedback on design choices.


Your design is shared with you as a photorealistic preview, allowing you to confirm choices before progressing.


Using a process we've refined over many years, we laminate the imagery using a water-based glue on our specialty non-vinyl paper to your casket.


An automotive grade, water-based clearcoat is then applied on top that protects and enhances.

Unique, translucent handles that allow your design to show through are fixed in place and a soft, plush lining is added.

Your Casket

Design a casket from scratch or choose one of our existing designs.

We work with you and your family to ensure your wishes are achieved.

Image by Leone Venter

Need Help?

We are here to simplify and guide you through every step of the process.