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Celebrate a life in colour.

A picture speaks a thousand words.


Caskets are made to order and are shipped to any funeral home within 48hrs of approving your design.

  • Caskets come fully dressed.


  • Built to suit any individual, regardless of size.

  • An express service available upon request.

Immerse yourself in the things you love.

Image by Neven Krcmarek

Your Casket

Work with our artists to create a design that reflects you or your loved one.

Any Colour. Any Texture. Any Image.

From a single striking colour, to caskets covered in your own personal imagery, anything is possible.

Showcase your life's journey with pride.

Our Environment at Heart

Our Picture Caskets are made with care in New Zealand using sustainable materials that meet strict JIS F3S standards and are environmentally friendly throughout the crafting process.

Our water-based inks produce vibrant images on our non-vinyl paper, which is then laminated onto the casket with a water-based glue.


The final touch is a high-quality, water-based clearcoat that provides protection and enhances the appearance of the casket.

Whether you choose cremation or burial, our Picture Caskets are suitable for either option.


"We will forever be grateful that we went with Reflections.


User friendly, efficient & produce an absolute gem of a product.

You’ll never regret using this Team."


Jamie & Sam Minchin

Be loved for who you are.



Caskets and Scattertubes can ordered through your funeral director or by reaching out to us directly.


Our team will handle the size, design, and delivery of the casket to you.


You can also opt for pre-designed caskets for convenience.

Unique. Like you.


Designed and made in New Zealand

  • Can I modify a design on your website?
    Customize to your liking by modifying existing designs or starting from scratch. Let us know if you need adjustments when purchasing, or reach out to us to begin creating your unique design.
  • Can I design a casket?
    Definitely. Collaborate with our artists to craft a design that truly embodies the life of you or your loved one. Many of our customers choose to incorporate a personal theme into their Picture Casket design. Personal photos are added on top of this art, creating a visually stunning tribute to the life of the person being honored. It's an exceptional way to showcase the unique qualities and memories of the person, surpassing the traditional casket.
  • Where are you located and do you have a showroom?
    We're based in Invercargill, and you're more than welcome to visit us! Our factory and showroom are situated at 69 Bond Street. Feel free to drop by and explore our collection of caskets. We'd love to assist you in person and answer any questions you may have.
  • How are caskets dressed?
    Our Picture Caskets are fully equipped with an oyster-coloured, ruched satin interior lining and a plush quilted satin mattress. If you prefer a different lining, we can accommodate your request. Additionally, our Picture Caskets feature distinctive translucent handles that showcase the design, adding a special touch to the final presentation.
  • How do I order a casket?
    Caskets can be ordered through your funeral director, or by reaching out to us directly. We will co-ordinate with the necessary people to ensure your wishes are met.
  • Where do you ship to?
    We ship to any location in New Zealand, whether it's directly to your doorstep or to a funeral home of your choice.
  • How long do they take to arrive?
    All orders are shipped within 48 hours after approval of your design. A priority shipping option is available upon request.
Image by Leone Venter

Need Help?

We are here to simplify and guide you through every step of the process.

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