Bespoke Design

Reflections® Picture Caskets offer a bespoke service to create a unique piece of art celebrating the life of your loved one. 


Work with our design team to create a one-off image that captures the individuals' passions and lifestyle.

Be inspired by our pre-made designs, or create something completely new. Let your imagination fly.

Creating a masterpiece to celebrate your or your loved one's life can be a challenge. In order to help you during the process, we have a few basic steps which you might like to consider. 


It could be a good start point, thinking about what colours your loved one likes the most? This element has a powerful meaning in our lives and can express personality.


Textures can be used as an important element to create a unique casket which helps you to tell your unique story. For someone who loves gardening, a texture looking like your garden wooden fence could be a good call, or if you want to acknowledge your culture and heritage you may like to choose a paua shell or harakeke texture.  There is a great number of possibilities, like different woods, metals, grunge, fabrics, stones, etc. 


Now we have reached the core of your casket. Here you can express and share your passions - sports, gastronomy, flowers, birds, family, music, cars. etc or personal photographs. (high quality is advised for best results) 
Spending time with friends and family choosing photos to surround your loved one with things that are important can be a great healing experience.


You can also incorporate to your unique design names, dates, jokes, lyrics, quotes, pie charts, even algebra equations if you want. 
Once you have in your mind a concept of your perfect picture casket give a brief to our designers. Short and concise is best, for example: "red rose on top of white wood with a ribbon wrapped around, also the name "Jolene" on the lid and her photo on the head end".
Reflections Picture Caskets reserves the right to refuse any content that may be considered offensive.